Due to the impossibility of establishing the scale in millimeters of a miniature measuring it in absolute terms (the variety of helmets, shakos or bearskins, not to mention the thickness of the bases, would give quite different results), it becomes necessary to look for objective measurement standards. To this end, the conventional rule measures the size of a miniature in its height from the soles of the feet to the eyes.

Having said that, given the disparity not only of heights but of general proportions of what is generically called the 28 mm scale, it was necessary to establish this comparison among some of the most emblematic brands in the market.

In response to the above criteria, we can speak of our miniatures as being ‘pure’ 28 mm, as they measure exactly 28 mm from feet to eyes, a considerable height compared with other brands, but the realistic proportions and very natural and dynamic postures, together with the historical rigor of their uniforms, give these models great authenticity.