Dear friends, as we anticipated in previous communications, the first miniatures of our new range of French for the Thirty Years War in 28mm will soon be available, an army that will become Spain’s main rival in the final phase of the war (and in its continuation until 1659 in the Franco-Spanish War) in theaters of operations as distant as Italy, Flanders, France itself or Catalonia. But this series will only be the first step in an ambitious expansion of this collection that will also include miniatures with which to make troops from other nations, which can be used to form German, Imperial, Dutch, Irish, etc. and which in turn can be combined with our current references to obtain a greater variety of models. We explain in detail…

French cavalry army thirty years war ejército francés caballería guerra treinta años

French cavalry of the Thirty Years War, identifiable by their sashes and white bands, charging a Spanish tercio. Next to the command group three horsemen with the characteristic chapeau d’arme can be distinguished.

First of all we will launch a series of French cavalry made up of a specific command group, and charging figures equipped with armor and buff coats, pistols and swords, and with the chapeau d’arme, a metallic hat-shaped helmet typical of the French army, and of course, their characteristic mustaches and long hair. These miniatures can also be combined with our current cavalry references with helmets and hats, also fully in use in the French army of the Thirty Years War.

infantería piqueros franceses guerra treinta 30 años french army infantry pikemen thirty years war

French pikemen of the Thirty Years War marching, work in progress.

Secondly, we will launch a very complete series of marching French infantry: pikemen with and without armor, with helmets and hats, and musketeers (at this time the arquebusiers had ceased to exist and muskets would soon be lightened to dispense with the fork) with the characteristic equipment and clothing that we have found in the sources of the period: long coats, wide trousers with a cylindrical leg, wide-brimmed hats and hunting caps, etc. A series of marching infantry that, as we mentioned, we will also dress in the most common European fashion so that it can be combined with the previous ones for greater variety, but also used to form units from other nations.

artillería española guerra treinta años

Spanish cannon from the Thirty Years War, designed in 3D.

All this will be followed by infantry in other positions, heavy cavalry and, of course, specific artillery for each nation, some beautiful models designed in 3D of which we already showed you a preview.

We will keep you informed!