Dear 1898 Miniaturas customer

We are glad to announce that we have already added seven new codes to our French Foreign Legion range, including sentries for your camp or desert fort, several codes in light field equipment (consisting in the canteen and the musette bag only, prescinding of the cumbersome knapsack) and two different mounted officers (one with a magnificent beard inspired on the famous Paul Brundsaux). Codes are already available at our online store, pics will follow shortly.

Also, for the first time since we started 1898 Miniaturas we are forced to raise prices due to the constant increase of the cost of the metal along the years, that skyrocketed in the last few months. Our new pricing will allow us to keep offering the highest standards of quality in all our current and future ranges… and there are more good news! As a way to recognize your loyalty, we are offering a 10% off in all our miniatures only for a week, until Sunday 11th July. To activate it just need to use the promotional code BEAU GESTE in the check out.

“A beau geste, indeed…”

Have a good Summer!