First of all, please accept our apologies, it’s been a while since last time we posted in the blog, and almost a year since the last time we release any new codes. So thanks a lot for your patience! As you know we were busy producing our new range, devoted to the Spanish Tercios 1618-1648. Lots of companies produce “generic” Thirty Years War miniatures, but not all the armies had exactly the same looking. After comprehensive research we decided to start a range devoted to the Spanish Tercios, soldiers who dominated European battlefields for most of this first half of the 17th century. A very finely detailed and researched range including also lots of variety, as the first batch have two different command groups and up to 24 different armoured and unarmoured pikemen and 24 different musketeers and arquebusiers! As usual, codes could be bought as separate, as two different Tercio packs (including five codes –one command group, one armoured pikemen, one unarmoured pikemen, one musketeers, one arquebusiers, a total of 28 miniatures– plus pikes and one flag) or as a Premium Collection (including one of each of the ten codes plus pikes and two flags, and a maestre de campo exclusive miniature for free, for a total of 57 miniatures). I hope you like it!

All the orders will be shipped from Friday November 22nd.