Hello! The first batch of new releases of 2019 includes one Spanish and one US mounted colonels, but hey, with just one pack of each you can get a lot of variations. Take a look!

US14-US Mounted Colonel

This could be a perfect complement to any army to be used in addition to our current US commanders, generals Wheeler and Lawton and mounted Theodore Roosevelt, and could be used either for Cuba or the Philippines. This new pack includes one figure with two different sets of heads and arms for different combinations, either waving the hat or holding a revolver. The figure wear the dark blue wool M1883 overshirt with the insignia of rank on the shoulders and the outer seams of the sky blue trousers. Paint the latter yellow for a cavalry officer, white/sky grey for infantry. Buy two packs and get two quite different mounted colonel.

ES7-Spanish mounted colonel

Spanish colonels in Cuba and especially in the Philippines use to be quite aggressive and reckless, leading attacks usually on horseback. This brilliant set includes one figure wit two options of head (with hat or cap) and two arms, wielding a sabre or, following the epic (and probably fake) examples of Archduke Charles at Aspern and Spanish General Prim at Castillejos, holding a flag just taken from the hands of a fallen comrade. Perfect to lead our troops of follow the orders from generals Arsenio Linares or Vara de Rey. The insignia of rank is at the cuffs, that could be colored (blue for infantry, green for light infantry or volunteers, yellow for cavalry) or plain rayadillo. Buy two packs and get two quite different mounted colonels.


New infantry command groups

But we have more news besides our mounted colonels! Take a look also to our new Spanish command group in combat and the new US command group with options to be used as infantry or dismounted cavalry, to give further variety to out wargame units!