Right after Easter we’ll release our new batch of new releases for the Philippines, with four new codes:

-Filipino infantry command group in action (4 figures: officer, standard bearer, bugler and nco, with arms and head variations). Native regiments/Tagalog rebels.

-Filipino infantry skirmishing (6 figures). Native regiments/Tagalog rebels.

-Filipino infantry charging (6 figures). Native regiments/Tagalog rebels.

-Filipino civilians with firearms (6 figures). Tagalog rebels.

The first three codes would be used either for the Spanish Native regiments that formed the backbone of the pre-1897 Spanish Army in the Philippines or to build Tagalog rebels (most of them deserters from the former or insurgents equipped with Spanish cloths and weapons). The fourth code, the armed civilians, would give extra variety and irregularity to the rebels.

With this new batch we could either add new troops to the existing Spanish troops or build the first of the enemies that fought the Spanish Army in 1898 for our wargames tables.

And get your Daiquiri at hand, next May we return to Cuba!