Good Morning! Here are some pictures of the originals that our sculptor sent us last night before putting them into the molds.

First we have the Spanish infantry command group advancing, which is composed of four miniatures: an officer with two head and two right arms options, a bugler, a non-commissioned officer giving orders (you saw him painted in the previous post, with two right arm options too) and another NCO with a choice of hands for either a Mauser or the company flag.

 ES1- Spanish infantry command group, advancing

Furthermore, we have two other infantry references, advancing (ES3) and firing / reloading (ES4), but with a more regular touch than the previous ones. Since they had to wear jipijapa hats, we took advantage of it to sculpt different faces. These references combine perfectly with those in campaign (3B and 4B) so they are ideal to give even more variety to our units.

ES3- Spanish infantry advancing, turtleneck jacket and jipijapa
 ES4- Spanish infantry firing / reloading, turtleneck jacket and jipijapa

These references will be available on December 15th, I hope you like them!